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With little formal education, he became an union organiser and municipal councillor, then a Member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly —57 and Leader of the ALP — In a gerrymandered parliament, Labor supported a minority Country Party Government in office —43, —47, — Cain was Premier three times, for four days in , in a minority government supported by Independents —47, then with a massive majority in its own right — The Party remained in opposition until Caine, Sir Thomas Henry Hall — English novelist. He was best known for a series of romantic, religious and melodramatic novels, one of which, The Deemster , sold over 1,, copies.

His Recollections of Rossetti was inspired by a friendship with the poet from until his death Cairns, Jim James Ford — Australian Labor politician, born in Melbourne. An athlete and policeman, he took up a late vocation as an academic economist, and was a Member of the House of Representatives — Dismissed for careless handling of sensitive overseas loans and for misleading the House, after politics he became a prolific author, promoting non-violence and alternative life styles.

Ormonde, P. Caitanya — Hindu mystic, also called Gauranga. His worship of Krishna in ecstatic dancing and singing inspired a form of Hinduism named after him. In he was initiated as an ascetic and afterwards settled in Puri, where a school of disciples grew up around him. His ecstatic trances and frenzies are thought to have undermined his health and hastened his death. His followers continued to follow his practices until the present day. They held that pure religious ecstasy was superior to all other forms of worship.

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An articulate theology, never established by Caitanya himself, who was not a teacher and did not intentionally establish an organised sect, was worked out by six of his disciples. Caius or Keys , John — English physician. He obtained his medical doctorate at Padua, returning in to England, where he lectured on anatomy in London.

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He became a fellow of the College of Physicians in and later was nine times president. He published A Boke of Counseill against the Sweating Sickness and wrote on a range of medical, scientific and antiquarian topics. Calas, Jean — French merchant. The father was tried, tortured and executed, but Voltaire, suspecting priestly and official prejudice, took up the case and in the verdict was reversed. Calder, Alexander Stirling — American sculptor, born in Philadelphia. He also worked as a painter, lithographer and jewellery designer.

Calder, A. Spanish dramatist and poet, born in Madrid. He was made a knight of the Order of Santiago in After a period of distinguished army service —42 he took holy orders on the command of King Philip IV, but he continued to write religious plays. They suffer, however, from the stylised conventions of the period, and are seldom now produced outside Spain.

In addition there are some 70 of the so-called autos saeramentales , a special form of religious drama concerned with the mysteries of the Holy Eucharist. Parker, A. Caldwell, Erskine Preston — American novelist and screenwriter. He also wrote works of autobiography, criticism and travel. Calhoun, John Caldwell — American politician, born in South Carolina.

A lawyer, he served in the state legislature —10 and in the US House of Representatives — Calhoun is regarded as one of the greatest American orators. Current, J. Roman Emperor 37— At first he ruled with moderation but a serious illness, possibly epilepsy, a few months after his accession is believed to have affected his sanity.

Thenceforth he behaved as an increasingly bloodthirsty and vicious tyrant. Callaghan , Leonard James, Baron Callaghan — British Labour politician, born in Portsmouth.

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Son of a naval chief petty officer, he joined the Inland Revenue in His small majority depended on continuous support from the Liberals and the minority groups. He retired with a KG and peerage He was the longest lived British Prime Minister. Callas, Maria Kalogeropolou — Greek-American dramatic soprano, born in New York.

She studied in Athens and made her debut there in Calles, Plutarco Elias — Mexican soldier and politician. He was President of Mexico — By the vigour with which he carried out the policy of land distribution and other reforms Calles did much to benefit the peasants, and his attacks on the Church and the oil companies were in line with revolutionary tradition, but as his rule proceeded he became increasingly dictatorial and conservative. He thus alienated many of his former supporters, and his deposition was popular.

Callimachus of Cyrene c. Greek poet and librarian, born in North Africa.

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Callisthenes c. Greek historian. Only fragments of his writings survive. Borgia in Italian — Pope — Born in Valencia, he was a papal lawyer and diplomat. Calment, Jeanne Louise — French centenarian, born in Arles.

She married a cousin and never worked. In October she became the oldest person in geriatric records.

French bacteriologist. Calonne, Charles Alexandre de — French financier. Appointed Controller General of Finance in , he was at first successful in raising loans to meet immediate needs, but his proposals for taxing the privileged classes put before the Assembly of Notables in roused such indignation among those affected that Louis felt himself forced to dismiss his adviser. He returned to France, poverty stricken, in the year of his death.

French operatic soprano. She performed with great success in France, England and America. Calvin, John English form of Jean Cauvin — French religious reformer, born at Noyon in Picardy.


The son of an ecclesiastical lawyer, he went at the age of 14 to Paris University. Originally intended for the priesthood, he was attracted by the new humanism. He prescribed a profession of faith, banned all public entertainment, emphasised the need for unbending puritanism in private life and even issued regulations on dress.

Such austerity soon proved unpopular and Calvin was expelled from the city in after riots organised by a faction called the Libertines. The three years that elapsed before he was recalled were spent mainly at Strasbourg where he entered upon a brief but happy marriage his wife died in , their son having already died in infancy , continued his studies and renewed contact with Bucer and other reformers. Back in Geneva he resumed where he had left off and organised a Presbyterian system of government. The regime lasted during his lifetime and at least the hard work, thrift and sobriety enjoined brought trade and wealth to the city.

The college which later became Geneva University was founded to provide an educated clergy. It provided a pattern for Presbyterian Churches in Scotland and elsewhere: it was the faith of the Huguenots in France, of the Dutch Reformed Church and of several German states. The relationship if any of Calvinism to the rise of capitalism has been a matter of considerable historical controversy, as has the suggestion that Calvinism encouraged rebellion.

Wendel, F.

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Calvino, Italo — Italian writer, born in Cuba. He began to write realistic stories of the Italian Resistance in which he had served , but during the s turned to fantasy, some of it allegorical. All his work shows a concern with what he considers to be the dehumanising influence of contemporary society. Woodhouse, J. Calwell, Arthur Augustus — Australian politician. As Minister of Immigration —49 he initiated a scheme which brought 1,, Europeans to Australia within a decade.

He succeeded H. Camargo, Marie Anne de Cupis de — French dancer, born in Brussels. One of the most famous figures in the early history of ballet, she came from an influential family and received early encouragement. Her whole career from her first appearance in Paris in to her retirement in was a series of triumphs. She is said to have introduced the characteristic short ballet skirt.

French politician. In the violent phase of the Revolution, he played a placatory role. Under the empire he was Archchancellor —14, holding second place in the state hierarchy, receiving a dukedom in British prince and field marshal, born in Hanover.

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  4. He devoted his life to the army and served in the Crimean War. Cambyses Kambusiya d. King of Persia —22 BCE. He died while returning to Persia to deal with a usurper who claimed to be his murdered brother. Olmstead, A.